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AsanJ-Stroke software

* Installation : Only for 64 bit Windows, Run as administrator

1. Background

In the stroke imaging, the quantitative assessment of volumes of cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage/hematoma might be useful for treatment assessment. The cerebral infarction is best evaluated on diffusion-weighted image (DW). The cerebral hemorrhage or hematoma is best evaluated on T2* gradient-echo image (GRE). Such quantitative assessment requires a post-processing software.

2. Development of AsanJ-Stroke software

Our team developed the AsanJ-Stroke software which is dedicated software for volumetry of cerebral infarction and hemorrhages.
This software is intended to provide a software for the analysis of DWI for volume measurement of cerebral infarction and for the analysis of GRE for volumetry of cerebral hemorrhage/hematoma.

3. Manual to use AsanJ-Stroke software
  1. Run the AsanJ-Stroke software and upload the target MRI images
  2. Set region-of-interest (ROI) around the target lesion. Click the ‘Histogram’ and set a range to include target lesion selectively. Then, click the ‘Roi <->’ button to generate semi-automatic segmentation ROI.
  3. Manual adjustment can be performed by using the brush function to erase unnecessary parts.
  4. Click the ‘ROI Measure Current only’ button. Then, the result window opens, which lets you view Area, Mean, Min, Max, Slice information of the ROI. You can check the total volume in the last line.

※ This research was supported by a grant (18182MFDS402) from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in 2018.