ASAN Clinical Trial Center



Joon-Woo Bahn M.D., Ph.D.

convergence medicine

ASAN Image Metrics



Seong Ho Park M.D., Ph.D.

Radiology(Abdominal radiology)

  In clinical trials, with the increasing use of imaging equipment such as CT, MRI, PET and the massive imaging
     data, the participation of imaging specialists has become a necessity.

  As the quality assessment about acquisition, transfer and analysis of imaging data is strengthened, it is
     essential that the organization be coordinated and managed in the center.

  As the US FDA issued guidelines for the use of imaging in clinical trials, it is essential to use images in
     accordance with international standards.

  It is the first Central Imaging Core Lab in Korea that was established in Asan Medical Center to support all
     aspects of imaging use in clinical trials.