Operation Policy

Utilization the highest level of experts

  Consulted and validated the novel imaging modalities and acquisition by top-class
     radiologists and experts from the faculty of Radiology and medical imaging area in
     Asan Medical Center.

  Supported by specialists, have experienced a variety of projects from Clinical Trial
     Center in Asan Medical Center.

  Performed research collaboration with over 60+ the diverse clinical faculties and
    experts from other hospitals and research institutions as well as Asan Medical

Global Standard

  Provided a detailed documentation, which is written based on both domestic and
    international regulations (i.e. 2015 FDA Imaging endpoints guidelines, QIBA
    profile, HIPPA privacy rule, KGCP, and Personal Information Protection Act).

Self-developed Clinical trial imaging management IT system

  Strengthened wide expandability and availability, and user convenience.

  Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness of research.


  Collaborated research with clinical CROs, pharmaceutical companies and other
     research institutes in both domestic and international.

  Performed continuous R&D (self-research and collaborative research).

Quality Assurance System

  Managed continuously clinical trials planned requirements through regular
    monitoring with QA Checklist.

  Performed the clinical trial based on precise SOP management and standard
    regulation(i.e., GCP, the applicable regulatory requirements).

  Increased the expertise and proficiency of researchers through continuous training