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The Expansion of Medical AI, whereas Non-Existence of Clinical Validation

2018 May 09

Dr. Park, Seong Ho, emphasizes clinical validation system’s importance rather than AI technology. Noticed “Big hospitals only focus on AI … lack of concerns for clinical diagnoses result validation”

Dr. Park Seong Ho (Seoul Asan Medical Center, the Department of Radiology) emphasized the importance of accurate clinical validation for AI technology at “AI & Big Data in Healthcare” conference in 9th of May, 2018.

He said “Medical AI, isn’t clinically validated, could cause damages to patients. Collected medical data from the hospital has been used in AI (Watson Health Oncology), but there is a limitation for overall decision system to diagnose although AI is outstanding for data study ability.”

Furthermore, he also highlighted “Clinical validation is defined as multiple validation system. In order to utilize medical big data properly, it is very significant to collect the data for the information and disease of patients who are subject for validation”.


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Apply Artificial Intelligence Research to Radiology

2017 July 18

Dr. Park, Seong Ho, the director of AIM (Asan Image Metrics) in Seoul Asan Medical Center, answered “The request of image use in current medical field has issues, which cannot be performed by PACS” for “why should Image Data Center be operated?”.

He also said “Seoul Asan Medical Center has opened AIM center and operated as clinical trial imaging point of view. Furthermore, we might need to think about the purpose of center operation, whether image is the only purpose or not”.

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AIM “Image Standard, Data Quality Management, Expert Training”

2017 October 13

Dr. Kim, Kyung Won, a professor of Asan Medical Center, Importance of Eligibility and Reliability “Image Standard, Data Quality Management, Expert Training”

Increasing the use of image data in clinical trials, diagnostic radiology has been rapidly developed. Image data in clinical trial is valuable for screening, diagnosis, staging decision, prognosis biomarker, and therapeutic responsiveness. Recently, clinical trial radiology has been highly issued because the result of image analysis becomes as a primary endpoint in the trials.

Clinical trial radiology is referred to the use of image data, including imaging protocol development, acquisition, analysis, image standardization and guideline, in order to analyze safety and efficacy during the development of new drug.

Dr. Kim, Kyung Won said “In clinical trials, imaging is often used to mainly confirm the efficacy of anticancer drugs using tumor size measurement by MRI and CT, so that imaging is used not only for oncology but also for a variety of disease in clinical trial.”

He also emphasized that “Imaging has become an essential point to analyze pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, and understand pharmaceutical mechanism, including drug efficacy, toxicity, and monitoring for the drug efficacy.

Asan Image Metrics (AIM) is the only imaging center in Korea to manage professionally clinical images. AIM provides central core lab and site core lab service for image utilization in clinical trials.

Site core lab service includes image protocol review, image modalities and radiologists selection, image acquisition and quality management, and image anonymization and transfer. For the multi-institutional clinical trial, the role of AIM is to provide central core lab services, are multi-institutional clinical trial image management and independent image review. As a result, AIM supports to develop image protocol based on international standard, train sites with monitoring, and review images independently, including image acquisition by standard protocol, image quality and data management, and image analysis.

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Asan Image Metrics (AIM) Open, Seoul Asan Medical Center

2017 May 17

Clinical Trial Center in Asan Medical center held the opening ceremony of Asan Image Metrics (AIM) on 16th of May, 2017.

AIM has been recently selected as one of projects for the development of advanced convergence clinical trial technology by Korea Clinical Trials Global Initiative (KCGI), and it will be supported for 1 year and 9 months with about one million US dollars.

During the ceremony, symposium was also held with experts in a variety of fields for clinical trial development. A diversity of topics such as global clinical trial trend & international sites experience, clinical trial imaging, big data utilization in clinical trial was discussed.

Dr. Yim, Young Seok, a director of clinical trial center, said “we will always endeavor to secure global competitiveness in clinical trial through systematic imaging data management by AIM, and reduce clinical trial cost and time based on convergence technology using the big data of clinical trial

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